"Rain, Rain, Go Away . . ."

    The reunion week-end started like a bad novel: "It was a dark and stormy night . . ." and we awoke on Thursday morning with the continued threat of showers or worse.

    Packed up and headed north to Oklahoma. Listened to news reports of flooded roads along the Red river . . . passed creeks out of their banks and fields with standing water
. . . dark ominous clouds all around us. We made it to just outside of Muskogee before hitting heavy rain; arrived in Tahlequah without any problems.

    Others arrived with tales of heavy rains and flooded roads in Tulsa. Some of those from rural areas, told of having to take the long way around to avoid flooded low-water crossings.

    There were news stories of high winds and possible tornados around the state and in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys training facility was destroyed by a freak storm.

    The whole week-end was wet; sometimes sprinkles, sometimes just a heavy mist, occasionally a rain shower. Never did rain hard, but we checked the sky when venturing outside. The threat of rain couldn't take the joy out of our alumni reunion. All our activities were planned for indoors, so it was business as usual.

    The Friday evening social and auction did not seem to have as many as in previous years, but with the weather and people coming and going, it may have just seemed that way. We had a good time and the money raised was also pretty good. We spent the rest of the evening visiting friends until about 1 a. m. then in bed by 2.

    Saturday arrived wet and on the way to the picnic, we decided to tour the campus by car. I don't think many toured the campus on foot; maybe a few first-timers . . . you know, "First time I've been back in [x] years"..

    The picnic and business meeting were well attended with many taking time to wander the hallways checking out the senior class pictures. Heard a few chuckles and comments on hair styles. I thought my flat-top looked good.

    It was a normal meeting; no major decisions or news. We adjourned to get ready for the banquet.

    We were pre-registered, so we entered the dining room without waiting in line; located a table near the front of the room with a good view and began our banquet ritual of checking out those entering. Trying to put names with faces, greeting old friends and employees, all the while wondering, who is that stranger waiting in line?

    Sometimes it turns out to be an old friend that we didn't recognize and other times it's an alumni that hasn't attended a reunion before and is a little lost because he doesn't recognize anyone either.

Don't be bashful, INTRODUCE  YOURSELF  and help those strangers become regulars.

    The banquet was rather quiet this year. Don't know if it was the weather or something else but there were quite a few new faces and quite a few regulars were missing. All in all it was still a good reunion.