Well another reunion in the books. It didn't start off well; a severe rain storm with high winds the night before we were to leave, broke several large tree limbs in our front yard. We spent a couple of hours cutting and stacking them before we were able to pack up and head for Tahlequah.

      Checked into the Tahlequah Motor Lodge and met Bill & Arles Tidwell in the parking lot as we were unloading the car. A little later Leroy (Cls '56) & Nanita Wolf stopped by the room and checked out some of the framed pictures we were donating for the Silent Auction.

      Had supper in the motel cafe where Stan & Lois Speaks were dining with Stan's brother Theron and several nieces and nephews. Returned to the room to get some rest after a long day. 

     Up Friday morning to discover that in the rush to get away, I had left all my cameras home. A call to Ruby's sister, Bernice Underwood (Cls '63), who was coming up on Saturday, would get them to me in time for the banquet but what to do until then? A trip to Wal-Mart for a new camera was the answer.

      Time to set up for the Silent Auction; headed to the Cherokee Nation Community Room in the C/N complex. Found Lois & Stan setting up tables and arranging auction items.

      Soon folks were arriving with more items; Sterling Speaks and Jack Bauer were in the kitchen mixing dough for fry bread and Anna Faye Wildcat Speaks was filling out auction forms as new items appeared.

       I think everyone arrived hungry; it seemed every other person had a fresh Indian Taco, looking for a place to eat. (Not easy using your lap with a Styrofoam plate.) I settled for a piece of fry bread and a bowl of red beans.

      As the evening passed, the activity increased with folks double checking the bids on their favorite items. Several items proved quite popular; two year books (1962 & 63) sold for $30 and $40 each. My framed pictures of Cherokee Hall, Dining Hall, Home One and an aerial  view of the 1978 campus received several bids each which meant more money for our scholarship program.

     Two quilts  donated by Anna Faye Wildcat Speaks brought in over $300 for the fund. You'll have to check the pictures when I get them posted to view the quilts.

     After the auction, we retired to the motel restaurant where we joined about 15 or more alumni for a midnight snack and a little story telling and gossip.

     Up early Saturday morning, bummed a ride to the campus so Ruby could sleep in. Had to get the early light for some shots of the new gym, the Units and the re-located Veterans Memorial.

     Took pictures of the class pictures that line the hallways of the school building. Hope they come out well enough to use on the webpages. I think the results will be mixed since they vary in size, color and lighting.

     Picnic time; fried chicken, baked beans and lemon pie. I may get sleepy but at least my stomach won't be growling when the meeting starts.

     President Alfred Berryhill called the meeting to order. After reports from the secretary, treasurer and fund raising committee we had an election to fill the unexpired terms of the treasurer and the Sgt-at-Arms.  Leroy Wolf, Class of 1956, is the new Treasurer and Leah Harjo Jack, Class of 1968, is the Sgt-at-Arms.

     The approval of the Five (5) new Board of Directors appointed in an open meeting in Sept. '06, was next on the agenda. Approved were: Lois Hogner Speaks (Cls'55), Donnie Bevenue (Cls'64),  Polly Springwater Teehee (Cls'63), Linda Whitecrow (7th-grd '58) and James Jennings (Cls'67).

     The sale of the Sequoyah History Book  has been suspended. It's been ten years since they went on sale and I've only sold 3  books the past two years. We're  down to less than 20 books and the organization will reserve them for special occasions.

     The meeting is adjourned; time for a few more photos. DANG ! Forgot I didn't have a ride; I had to hitchhike back to town. Caught a ride with Larry Masters ('74) who works at Sequoyah.

Good news:  Linda Bernice has arrived with my cameras.

      A quick shower; a change of clothes and we head back to the campus. We're early! We were told the doors opened at 4 pm but it would be 4:30 before we can enter. That's OK, there's a large group who are early too, so we just started the party at the door. I see former teacher, Ed Lowery (1956-6?), Lois Ely ('77), Marion Brown Hagerstrand, Ed Jumper, Charles Thorton ('68),  and many other familiar faces.

     Doors open; we're pre-registered so we go right in; find a good location where we can see everything. I start around the room taking pictures and greeting those who obviously haven't been here in a long while.

      At the head table I see: Cherokee Principal Chief, Chad Smith & wife Bobbie, Seq. Supt. Gina Stanley, Alum. Pres. Berryhill and look there . . . two beautiful, shiny basketballs. It's the basketball teams CHAMPIONSHIP trophies.

      After the invocation, the Cherokee Color Guard presented the colors and we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Two new members were inducted into the   Sequoyah Hall of Fame :

     Amon Baker , former student (Class of 1948), teacher, Seq. Superintendent, Cherokee Council member (He's running for office again this year.) and currently is the president of the Sequoyah School Board.

      John Ketcher , former student (Class of 1942), instructor in the weaving shop program, Cherokee Tribal Council member, Cherokee Deputy Principal Chief and is still active in Cherokee Nation politics.

      Sequoyah's athletic director and coaches spoke of the teams achievements this year, which includes, if you didn't know, a 3-peat State Basketball Championship for the girls team and a State Runner-up for the boys team. 

(A side note: while we were enjoying our reunion, the Sequoyah Track Team was in OK. City competing in the State Track Meet. We have 3 new State Tittles:

1.  Boys 800 meters: 1st place ~ Travis Wickliffe, Seq. Tahlequah, 2:00.36
2.  Boys High Jump:  1st place ~ Mike Soap, Seq. Tahlequah, 6'-08"
3.  Girls 1600 Relay: 1st place ~ Sequoyah Tahlequah 4:05.35

That's pretty good for a school that used to be average in my day.)

     The Class of 1967, numbering about 12, were celebrating their 40th graduation anniversary. They presented the school a replacement framed group photo to be placed in the school building hallway. Leroy Adair gave a nice presentation (You had to be there.) and then Betty Jack presented awards to former teachers: Ed Lowery, Peggy Hall, Turner Bear and Ramona Daniel.

      Our veterans were recognized, Classes by decade were recognized, dinner was served and a good time was had by all.

       Leaving the banquet, some attended the gospel singing in the Sequoyah Chapel; others the dance held in Keys Ok. Ruby and I elected to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration the Class of 1957 was having in the Club Room at the Tahlequah Motor Lodge.

     There were 9 members of the Class of '57 at the celebration; but I saw Betty Jones, Josephine Bell and Stella Mae Coon at the dining hall so that makes 12 in all. We enjoyed a relatively quiet celebration with snacks, photo albums, and stories. It makes one consider how we'll celebrate our 50th, which for me is 3 years away. I had 3 classmates at this years reunion; Ruby had 6 from the Class of 1961.

     After closing the Club Room about midnight, we made a quick trip to the Ketoowah Casino across the street. Found several friends playing the games, but we were tired and after a short visit, we excused ourselves and headed to the room for the night.

     Up early Sunday morning, off to the campus for breakfast in the school dining hall. More rounds of "Hello's", promises to keep in touch and we're ready to head home.

     Stopped in McAlester to see former dorm matron Mrs. Lois Pugh.  Sad news . . . she isn't doing well.  A bout of flu required hospitalization where she caught pneumonia, developed  some heart problems which resulted in a 2 month hospital stay. Her health has deteriorated to the point that she requires regular care. She is in a nursing home and it's not likely that she will ever recover.

     It was sad to see her in that condition; we'll remember as she was last year  and how she sounded when we called to wish her "Happy Birthday" last February on her 95th birthday.
NOTE: Mrs. Pugh passed away the following wednesday, May 9th. 

    Ruby and I had a good time at the reunion, spending time with old friends and hearing news of those they met during the year. If you couldn't attend this year, enjoy the photos and make plans to join us next year.

Charles & Ruby Cochran
Seq. Class of  1960 & '61

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