Sequoyah  High  School

CAMPUS of the 1990's

     This is the Recreation Hall, formerly the 1950s Shop Bldg.  The big change is the new roof added sometime in the early 90's.  It used to have a flat roof in the old days. You can see Unit "C" of the Jack Brown Center, in the background.

Recreation Hall

This is the east side of the Recreation Hall.

East side of Rec. Hall

This is a view of the west side of the Units, now known as the Jack Brown Center.
The building in the center is the girls dorm, Chickasaw Hall.

west side of the Units.

The Jack Brown Center; formerly known as the "Units." From left to right: Units "A", "B", "C".

The Units

A view of the east side of Chickasaw Hall; photo was taken from what was the rear of the 1950's Dining Hall.
The sidewalk is where the steps to the old Dining Hall entrance were.

Boys Dorm

The  Commissary is still in use as a warehouse with a maintenance shop in the basement.

the commissary

     This is the Sequoyah High School Chapel.  It is located on the site of the old Hospital/Chickasaw Hall. The sidewalk is the same one used in 1960.  For you older Alumni, the goldfish pond was located to the left of the walk among the  cedar trees.  You can see the Superintendent's (Now the Jack Brown house.) home in the background.

The Chapel

     The Sequoyah High School Chapel was a project led by the late Bill Glass and Mary Groundhog Sellers.  Both passed away before the dedication in 1997.  The bell in the bell tower was rescued from Seneca Indian School, when that school closed.

Chapel 2

     This is just inside of gate #2, which was the main entrance in the 1950s.  As you can see, the Sequoyah name made of white painted rocks is gone (see the '59 pictures) and so are the employee cottages that used to line the road between the Superintendent's house and the entrance street.

old gate area

The old football field seen from the old main gate road. The Blackjack trees on the right don't look much
different than when I attended Sequoyah in the 50's.  The new Dining Hall is visible at the far end of the field.

old football field

The new Dining Hall was dedicated in 1997 as part of the celebration of Sequoyah's 125th Anniversary.
The glass wall is a nice change from the old dining room. Check it out in the 1999 Reunion pictures.

dining hall 1

 The entrance to the Dining Hall. Note that the Dining Room is now wheelchair accessible, solving the
problems at the former dining hall. (For an inside view, click on the photo.)

Come into the Dining Hall

This is where we hold the banquet at the annual Sequoyah Alumni Reunion.

Hope to see you there next year !

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