Sequoyah Alumni Reunion

The alumni reunion is a perfect time to reminisce;
A time for reflection; a time to remember.
It's an annual event we really wouldn't miss.
Sequoyah Alumni Association, are you a member?

We gather on the first Saturday in May each year,
We mark our calendars with stars to save the date.
We meet in Tahlequah, on the campus we hold dear.
We travel for miles and miles, even from state to state.

We arrive with eager anticipation, ready to celebrate.
Watching the parking lots, looking for that special friend.
They said they'd be here . . . hope they're just late.
There they are! Now the reunion can begin.

The laughs, the smiles, as the stories are retold;
About teachers and schoolmates we have known.
The adventures we had, the memories never grow old.
Sometimes it seems so long ago, now that we're grown.

Remembering our Sequoyah years;
In retrospect, life was simple back then.
We were kids, wet behind the ears.
Now we know, life's lessons never end.

Yearbook photos: were we really that young . . . and thin?
Look how good we look wearing the maroon and gray.
Sometimes it hard to believe we were those kids back then.
Especially since we're larger now, with hair turning grey.

As we get older, eyesight fades and memories get hazy.
Our stories may vary some as they are told and retold.
Our friends won't say anything or think we're crazy,
They know we're not liars, we're just getting old.

Return with us to Old Sequoyah High for the celebration.
You promised you'd return someday; make this the year.
Check the calendar, it's been how many years since graduation?
That's much too long; better get moving, May is almost here.

Charles Cochran ~ Seq. Class of 1960