The 2008 Sequoyah alumni picnic was held on Saturday, Oct. 18th in Kenwood, Okla. The weather was great ! It was almost too good to have the picnic indoors but we older alumni appreciate the Kenwood Community Center where the facilities include access to a kitchen and rest rooms.

     Folks started arriving around 10 in the morning; many carrying  desserts like blackberry cobbler, cookies, cheesecake, fruit pies and other  goodies. Seq. Alum. Assoc. secretary, Roberta Gibson brought roasted pork tenderloin with barbecue sauce, red beans and vegetables. Just thinking about it makes me hungry again.

2k8_picnic-01.JPG      Amos Teehee visits with former Superintendent Mr. Edwin S. Moore.


2k8_picnic-02.JPG      Marilyn Martin and grandson are ready to enjoy a fine meal.


2k8_picnic-03.JPG   Polly Springwater helps Waunita Sanders with some sweet potatos while Ruby Martin waits.


2k8_picnic-04.JPG      Marion Hagerstrand Brown has her eyes on some fried chicken.