In Memoriam
Rose  Isham  Burton
194? ~ 2004
Rose Isham Burton , Sequoyah Class of  1961, passed away on Wednesday Dec. 1st, 2004. Services and burial were in Miami Okla. on Sunday, Dec. 5th. 

      Rosie attended Sequoyah for four years, 1957-61, with her brother Paul and sisters Pauline and Connie Isham. 

      We last saw Rosie when she and her sisters attended the 2001 Alumni Reunion. Rosie, Ruby, EttaMae Jimboy and 10 other members of the Class of 1961 celebrated their 40th Anniversary that weekend; pretty good turnout for a class of 34.


     This is the Rosie we knew in high school; a girl who could
be silly at times and always enjoyed a good time. 

Sharon Welch.