In Memoriam
Bruce  E.  Doyle
Sequoyah  High School ~ Student 1960s

     TAHLEQUAH, Ok -- Bruce Edward Doyle   (Seq. Soph in 1968) , 57, of Tahlequah died Monday, October 5, 2009, after a long battle with emphysema. Graveside services were Oct. 10th in Ross Cemetery, Tahlequah. 
   Bruce leaves behind his brother Tommy Doyle  (Seq. Cls '69) , and Sisters: Marjorie  and Julie Doyle  (Seq. Fresh '64)  - who all attended Sequoyah in the 1960''s. Tommy now works for an oil company from Yukon, Oklahoma, Marjorie is an attorney in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Julie is now a retired MSW Social Worker residing in Oklahoma City.
    To those who knew Bruce, I am sure you will remember him as a very bright, but somewhat eccentric, guy.  He once engineered the draining of one of the schools golf ponds to easily gather ALL the balls - rather than tromp around and feel the bottom, like the rest of us. While at Sequoyah, he won a scholarship to Dartmouth.  Bruce played the trumpet for Mr. Daniel, and wrestled one year.  Bruce was known as very generous soul and a free spirit.  He learned to smoke and share cigarettes on the smoking porch.. - A love affair with nicotine that eventually took his life.
    In 1975, Bruce wrote his own obituary, in the form of a poem.  For those who knew and loved Bruce the Spruce, here it is.
                      My Death
Fierce destroyer, breaker of tempered steel,
How is you hide in the small body of fear?
Sorry Tommy, I guess that's the way it goes,
I'll just get to know summer before it snows.
Hey you up there with the grey beard,
Have you a minute for me, a cynic, to spare?
White sails floating across an empty sky,
the wind wails, "such a loss for Bruce to die."