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CAMPUS of the 1990's

     The campus of today has seen quite a few changes in 50 years.  Gone are most of the  buildings from our time at Sequoyah in the 1950's.  Todays campus is different, but there are still a few landmarks that we use to locate where things used to be and we can still see some of the old campus in the landscape.  There are still some of the sidewalks and a few pieces of foundations to be found if you know where to look.

     The first thing you notice is that the main gate has been moved. It is now located south of where the old hay and horse barns used to be.  It's where the white house stood next to the hiway. I belive the house was originally built for the head of the school's agriculture program, but later it was home to several employees with families. It was used by Mr. Tom Bond in the mid fifties and later by Mr. Ed Lowery.

     This aerial view of the campus was taken about 1978.  Ruby and I returned in'79 and Cherokee Hall was no longer standing.  The old Dining Hall was burned in 1982.  The Home Economics, Weaving Shop, Hospital and Employees buildings were torn down in 1988.  Don Franklin has included some information about construction periods on campus in the Sequoyah History Book.

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     This panoramic view is from the main gate area and  shows the School Building on the right and the new Dining Hall is the white building in the center.  The trees on the left are where the tennis courts used to be located next to the highway. The Dining Hall is about where first base was located on the  1950's baseball field. 

main gate panoramic

     As you drive into the campus you will see the Veteran's Memorial in front of the school building and gymnasium.  On the right you will see the wrestling gym that was converted to a dining hall when the old dining hall burned in 1982.

Ruby Underwood at the Veteran's Memorial Charles Cochran and Jeraldine Morgan

     This is the some of the "Old Gang" at the entrance of the dining Hall, meeting for breakfast on Sunday morning at the 1994 Reunion.  This is where the banquet was held until the new dining hall was built in 1997.

Sunday breakfast crowd

     If you park behind the dining hall, this is the view you will see.  Click on the picture for a complete panoramic view.  The running track on the right used to be "First Pond"; the baseball diamond is located on the old hog pen site and Bald Hill is located beyond the outfield. 

cafeteria rear

The football field is named "Thompson Field" in honor of Tommy Thompson.  He was the boys advisor and coach in the forties and fifties.

tommyThompson Field

Thompson plaque

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