View of the gym from Home One
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GYMNASIUM : Websterís says itís a place for indoor sports. 

To the Sequoyah students of the 30ís, 40ís, 50ís and 60ís, it was a lot more. Sure, we played basketball, volley ball and had our P.E. classes there but it was much more than that. 

It was a MEETING HALL , where the student body met for school announcements, student council elections, introductions of new employees and addresses by the principal and superintendent.

It was a THEATER , where Miss Portia Vaughn and Miss Hazel Rhoten helped each class put on a show. Some were 2 act plays with costumes and sets. Others were singing groups and the younger classes staging dance programs and singing the songs Portia had taught them. I especially remember a minstrel show put on by the senior class of 1958. 
59 Show 259 Show 1

It was a CARNIVAL  , with a spook house and games of chance, games of skill and a kissing booth. All run by the senior class as a fund raiser.

It was a MOVIE HOUSE . The school would rent 16mm. movies by mail order and Mr Lehman would run the projector. Weíd see cowboy movies and light comedies. We had kids from 1st grade through the 12th so they had to select something everyone could enjoy. I think they sometimes chose just by the tittle. We once had a movie set during WWII. Due to the rubber shortage there was no elastic for waistbands for clothing. and a young ladyís panties kept falling down. We kept expecting the matrons to stop the movie but they let it run. Us grade schoolers thought it was kind of risque and we giggled everytime she lost her panties. I saw it  on TV a few years ago and still thought it was a little risque for the fifties.

It was a CHURCH with a large choir, where Sunday services were held by visiting ministers from the local churches in Tahlequah. We always had a large number in attendance because it was mandatory. In grade school, all of us kids would get dressed up and slick down our hair with hair oil. Oil that Mr. Thompson made up by the gallon, by adding color and a small bottle of perfume to a gallon jug of mineral oil. It was just like "Lucky Tiger"

It was a BALLROOM , where we held our social dances with dates. Danced to the latest "Rock and Roll" music. Other times, it was used for square dancing, as called by Mr Neadeau.

It was the destination for the Juniors and Seniors on PROM NIGHT . The girls in their prom dresses and the boys in suit and tie making that slow formal walk to the gym and even slower walk when returning after the dance.

Everyone seemed to have trouble getting past the flag pole.

I don't know if it was blocking the sidewalk or it might have been the thought of trying to say "Good Night" under the watchful eyes of the dorm matrons waiting on the porch of Cherokee Hall.


Ruby and Roberta prom dress

The gymnasium was used for many years for the annual alumni dance.
The prom decorations were left in place for the alumni to enjoy.

59 Dance 159 Dance 2

It was where the Christmas Season started. It always seemed like Christmas was
getting close when we started singing Christmas songs in Portia Vaughn's music class.

The Christmas season arrived when the annual Christmas Cantata was presented by Portia and
the seniors. Santa Claus came soon after that, with a sack of candy and fruit for all the kids.

Christmas Cantata 1Christmas Cantata 2

It was a PHOTO STUDIO , where we posed for the yearbook pictures. Getting out the uniform jerseys, letter
jackets, pep squad sweaters, choir gowns, suit coat and tie so we could look good for the yearbook.

football yearbook picture1960 honor society

It was a GRADUATION HALL . It was where you received your diploma and made that last slow march out of the gymnasium, with the music of "Pomp and Circumstance" signaling the completion of your high school education.

Ruby receives her diplomagraduation march

It was a place of many memories. It was the real social center of Sequoyah. The "new" gym may mean
the same to the younger alumni, but to the older alumni, our gym will always be...."THE GYM."

A short tour of the gym.

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gym parking lot.
View from the school building,.

View from the front of the gym.

View from Home One.
The gym entrance.

The gym interior.