Sequoyah Campus of 1952

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   This is the campus I left when I graduated in 1960. It was for the most part, the same as when I came to Sequoyah in the fall of 1949. The changes made from 1949 to 1960 were in the use of the buildings. 

   The administration offices were moved from Home Three to the Employees building. The Hospital became Chickasaw Hall, for jr. high girls. The Weaving Shop became the school Clinic. The old Laundry Building was remodeled to house the Art and Special Ed. classrooms.

   1960 was the last year for football on the field next to the main gate. The construction of Thompson Field was completed in 1960 and play began with the 1961 season. The dairy barn and hay barns had been closed for a number of years, but were still in place.

   The road around the gymnasium was straightened and paved in the middle 1950's. The old Red Barn and water tower that were located across the road from the east end of Thompson Field, were removed about the same time.

   So, this is the Sequoyah campus I knew while growing up. It has changed since then but retains enough for me to still locate where things happened so long ago. At last count there were seven buildings remaining from 1960. They are: the Automotive Shop (Rec. Hall), the Units (J. Brown Ctn.), the Commissary, the Laundry (class rooms), the Superintendent's home (the Jack Brown House), the garage (now an office) next to the employees bld. and the power plant.


   This is the first thing many of us remember of our arrival at Sequoyah and also one of the things we missed on our return after being away for a number of years.
   I guess it was removed after the name change in the early 1960's.

The Sequoyah sign near the Main Gate.

   The main entrance to the campus and where the Continental Trailways buses stopped for passengers.

    When it was time for school to start in the fall, the year round students and early arrivals would hang around the bus stop to see who got off when the bus arrived.

The main gate; now it's gate no. 2

   This picture, taken from the water tower, shows the field in 1959. The old 2 lane blacktop highway was being replaced with a wide concrete road to Muskogee.

The main gate is at the far end of the field.

Aerial view of the football field.

   This brings back memories to those of us who wore the "Maroon and Gray".

    For our home games, classes would end at noon on Friday. Sequoyah did not have lights until Thompson Field was ready for play in 1961.

Football action in a 1957 game.

   This was home to several of the employees. I know Ms. Portia Vaughn and Ms. Hazel Rhoten were two of the residents.
   In the mid fifties, the administration offices were moved from Home Three to the Employee's Building.

The employees lived upstairs and the Admin. offices were on the 1st floor.

   The shop classes were run by Mr. Hunt when I arrived at Sequoyah and later by Amon Baker. We had shop classes for Automotive repair, carpentry, welding, mechanical drawing and in the early days shoe repair.

The shop building; now it's the Recreation Hall.

   This was the center of activities for the students. We had school assemblies, dances, movies, stage programs and of course... SPORTS!

The gymnasium.

    This is where the little boys lived, 1st thru 7th Grade. I started in the Second Grade when Mrs. Trent was the matron; when she retired in 1952, Ms. Ina Brady replaced her.
     Home One was originally built as a school building in about 1914 and was converted into a dormitory when the brick school building was built in 1924.

Home One; where the little boys lived.