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The Sequoyah Hall of Fame is an affiliation of the Sequoyah Alumni Association and established for the sole purpose of recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements of former Sequoyah students and Employees.


Former students or persons who were employed at Sequoyah Indian School (Sequoyah High School) are eligible for nomination to the Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame.  Each nomination, (candidate) must have an outstanding and commendable record of service to Indian people, Indian tribes, Indian communities, or representative of Indian country. Record of services may be in an area of Indian Affairs, Indian community public service, education, science, medicine, law, law enforcement, military service, business, religion, social services, athletic achievement or other recognized and honorable service. Recognition and honor may be made posthumously.          (Note: Graduation is NOT a requirement) 


Nomination of individual(s) for Hall of Fame consideration may be submitted by anyone. The application must include a photograph, biographical sketch or resume and be submitted to the current Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee with a copy to the President of the Sequoyah Alumni Association. [Add. below]  The application should be no more than two (2) typewritten pages and should specifically list the achievements of the individual, to include reasons the nominee should seriously be considered for induction into the Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame.

The minimum information submitted with the application should include the following:

Name: Full name (Used at Sequoyah) and tribal affiliation. 
Address and telephone number.

Class: Year enrolled and year of graduation or last year enrolled at Sequoyah.

Employee:  Number of years employed at Sequoyah and positions held.

Spouse and children: Name of spouse and children.

Military: Number of years in military, branch of service, highest rank attained, honors and decorations awarded.

Professional career(s): company/agency, organization employed by, and position(s) held.

Honors/Awards:  List of special honors and/or awards/bestowed on the nominee.  

Documentation:  Document individual awards with photographs, copies of awards and newspaper clippings. Attach these to resume.  Special achievements: List outstanding achievements.
Contributions: Identify contributions made to the Indian community, Indian country, state, or the nation.

Submit an up to-date photograph (4 X 6) showing at least the head and shoulders, attached to a cover sheet, to include the name and address of the nominee and sponsor/submitter.

The resume must be received no later than January 31, preceding the next reunion in May.

The biographical sketches and resumes will be retained by the Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame Committee.  All resumes will be under consideration for a period of two (2) years after receipt.  A resume may be updated or resubmitted and new two-year period begins upon receipt.


The induction will occur at the Sequoyah Alumni Association banquet.  Each inductee will be awarded an Individual certificate noting that he/she has been inducted into the Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame.  The Inductee’s name will be engraved on a large plaque.  The plaque is permanently installed on the Hall of Fame Wall at the Sequoyah High School.


The Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame Committee will be composed of a chairman and four (4) active members. The committee will be appointed by the President and Alumni Association Officers to serve a two (2) or three (3) year term. (Three (3) members to serve two (2) years; two (2) members to serve three (3) years). Appointed members will be replaced by new appointees after their two (2) or three (3) year term.


The Sequoyah Alumni Association Hall of Fame Committee will rate the Nominee Resumes and submit final recommendations to the Board of Directors using the following criteria:

Contributions that promoted and supported the advancement of Sequoyah High School/Indian people, Communities and personal achievements and honors.

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Stan Speaks      (H.O.F. Chairperson)
11350 S/W Cottenwood Ln 
Tigard Oregon 97223
       DeWayne Marshall          (Seq. A. A. Pres.)
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       Welling, OK 74471
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