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What do you remember of Christmas at Sequoyah?

I remember singing Christmas carols in music class.
I remember pockets full of pecans and pecan shells everywhere.
I remember  candy canes, ribbon candy, and an orange in small paper sack.
I remember Christmas music in the evenings, coming from Cherokee Hall.
I remember when "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" was brand new.
I remember folks coming from town to see the Christmas Cantata.
I remember Santa in an ill-fitting suit coming to see us in the gym.
I remember making paper snowflakes and paper chains for the tree.
I remember when Santa was a card carrying member of the B.I.A.

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It's the holiday season and our thoughts turn to old friends.
How many of your friends and classmates have visited this year? Some addresses no longer work but they were on-line at one time and you may find them elsewhere on the internet.

Send them a     H O L I D A Y    M E S S A G E
Use "Sequoyah" in the subject line, they may not remember you.

Yahoo is no longer supporting the GUESTBOOK, there will be no more entries.

 Alumni Group


      If you have a Facebook account, all you have to do is search for "Sequoyah Indians Alumni".  We are a closed group so you have to request to join or can be added by me or another alumni that is already a member of our group.  You can post anything that has to do with Sequoyah.  Sports, academics, reunions, pictures and yes, death/funerals.  I have posted pictures of past reunions that I have attended.

Dean Thompson ~ Sequoyah Class of 1971

 Alumni Association

1970 - 1972  Alumni has the  1970  &  1972 Sequoyah yearbooks on-line.

    1970 Yearbook . .               1972 Yearbook . .
There are two FOR SALE on E-Bay . .

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