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Sequoyah  Alumni  Association

Saturday  Mar. 11, 2017
Lunch:  11:ooAM  ~  12  Noon
Meeting:  12 Noon  ~  1:30 PM
Restaurant ~ Cherokees
Cherokee Nation Complex
 Hwy. 62 South ~ Tahlequah
Buffet is $11.75 (includes drink and gratuity. -- Soda is $.25 extra.)
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is only 10 Weeks away!

May  5th ~ 6th ~ 7th

Time to START making plans to attend !

Time to call your schoolmates !

Time to start that diet !

Attention !

Is the 2017 Alumni Reunion SPECIAL ?

Time to get busy if you want to celebrate this SPECIAL anniversary with your classmates. Even if you don't plan anything extra, wouldn't it would be nice if the whole gang decided to attend this years reunion just to get together and reminisce about the old days.

Class of 1957  ~  60 Years
Class of 1967  ~  50 Years
Class of 1977  ~ 40 Years
Class of 1987  ~  30 Years
Class of 1992  ~  25 Years
Class of 1997  ~  20 Years
Class of 2007  ~  10 Years
Class of 2012  ~  05 Years

If you make special plans let us know and we'll post a notice for your event.
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 Alumni Group


      If you have a Facebook account, all you have to do is search for "Sequoyah Indians Alumni".  We are a closed group so you have to request to join or can be added by me or another alumni that is already a member of our group.  You can post anything that has to do with Sequoyah.  Sports, academics, reunions, pictures and yes, death/funerals.  I have posted pictures of past reunions that I have attended.

Dean Thompson ~ Sequoyah Class of 1971

 Alumni Association

1970 - 1972  Alumni has the  1970  &  1972 Sequoyah yearbooks on-line.

    1970 Yearbook . .               1972 Yearbook . .

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