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  OKEMAH, OK - Henry Louis Frank  (Seq. Class of  1964) , 67, died Thur. Apr. 17, 2014.

VISIT:    9AM to 3PM Mon. Apr. 21st, Parks Brothers F/Home, Okemah
WAKE:  7 PM Mon. Sept 21st, Greenleaf Baptist Church, Okemah

SERVICES: 2:00 PM Tue. Apr. 22nd, Greenleaf Baptist Church, Okemah

Parks Brothers Funeral Home ~ 301 N 3rd Street ~ Okemah , OK 74859 ~ 918-623-1221


is only 13 DAYS away!

May  2nd ~ 3rd ~ 4th

Time to START making plans to attend !

Time to call your schoolmates !

Time to start that diet !

Sequoyah Alumni Assocation

    The 2014 Seq.Alum.Assoc. Reunion (May 2-3-4) begins on Friday evening with a social / fund-raiser in the Cherokee Nation Community Room located behind the Restaurant of the Cherokees. We have a concession and silent auction-cake sale. It runs from about 4 to 8 P.M. Some folks stop by to see who's there and say hello, others meet friends & schoolmates and spend the whole evening with us.

   We are accepting donation of items for our auction; you know, things like you would bid on if you were there. The auction is how we raise money for the scholarships we award at Sequoyah graduation.

   On Saturday morning, many tour the campus then join us for our annual Pot-Luck picnic (nothing fancy, just something to share) in the new school gym. After lunch we have our annual business meeting which lasts until 1 O'clock. then we go get ready for the banquet (doors open around 4:30 ~ $10 per person) in the school cafeteria. We try to clear the cafeteria by 8 PM then it's on to the dance or another social at the Tahlequah Motor Lodge which lasts until about 11 PM.

   The dance is held at various locations; We'll post details when they are available.

   Sunday morning we have breakfast in the school cafeteria for a last get together before heading home. Usually from about 8:30 to 10 AM. (meal = $3).


Attention !

Is the 2014 Alumni Reunion SPECIAL ?

Time to get busy if you want to celebrate this SPECIAL anniversary with your classmates. Even if you don't plan anything extra, wouldn't it would be nice if the whole gang decided to attend this years reunion just to get together and reminisce about the old days.

Class of 1954  ~  60 Years
Class of 1964  ~  50 Years
Class of 1974  ~ 40 Years
Class of 1984  ~  30 Years
Class of 1989  ~  25 Years
Class of 1994  ~  20 Years
Class of 2004  ~  10 Years
Class of 2009  ~  05 Years

If you make special plans let us know and we'll post a notice for your event.
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